Coming up for air from our whirlwind U.S. tour, between dates, I thought I’d blog a few things . . .

The paperback edition of Welcome to Groove House released a few months ago, just in time for our 2-month U.S. tour. And, wow, what a great tour!  Thanks to so many of you across the U.S. for your wonderful comments about my book throughout the tour, and for wanting to read more from me.  I aim to start working on my next book during the break in our touring this year.

Following are a few of my favorite comments from this year’s tour:

  • In Houston, a woman, who’d previously not been the swearing type, came up to me and said, “I fuckin’ loved your book!”
    Ha, I love it!FrontCover 9781942828013
  • In Nashville, a woman shouted out from the front of the stage that she loved my book. After the show, she told me her favorite new saying was, “fuckin’ hell.”
  • A fan in MN told me that he loved the twists in the story and that it kept him wondering what was next. He made a point to say that he loved the ending.
  • A fan in the South added that if Dave and I were to ever open up a “real” Groove House, she wants to be the housekeeper. 🙂
  • I returned home from tour to fan mail, and one, in particular, struck me: a man in the UK felt so inspired by my book that he created lyrics to the Mike Mays tune, “Lucky Night,” in a very neat, handwritten note.
    How cool is that?

It’s wonderful to know that so many rock fans have resonated with my first novel.  And it’s quite special to hear from those who loved the book so much that they’ve read it two or more times.  Thank you all for your enthusiasm and heartfelt support!






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