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The Dark Side of Streaming

  Music streaming services offer us all a convenient, portable, and fun way to enjoy music—plus, they're a great conduit for discovering new artists and songs. The relatively-low monthly subscription fee for these services certainly seems ideal to us...

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Six Days in a French Hospital

When planning this year's European tour, with two days off before the Paris suburb show, I thought I'd book band and crew time off in a lovely walled town in the French countryside just an hour and a half south of Paris: Provins, France. Unfortunately, I never got to...

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Behind the Art: Angela Gossow

In this edition of my blog series feature Behind the Art, meet Angela Gossow.  In an interesting twist, she switched from rock star to manager of the very band she fronted. Angela found that she prefers life behind-the-scenes to life onstage.  I must admit, after my...

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Behind the Art: Lisa Jenkins

In this edition of my blog series feature Behind the Art, meet Lisa Jenkins, manager of the legendary Peter Frampton, among others. Frampton Comes Alive was the soundtrack of my youth, so I was especially intrigued to interview Peter’s manager. I know it sounds trite,...

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